Training from week beginning July 19th

With the restrictions for class sizes being removed, you now no longer need to use the booking system to reserve your training place. We are still not able to have spectators in the Backup dojo due to its limited space, but we can now welcome spectators back at the Haslingden dojo as this is a much bigger space and has benches available to sit on.

If you or your immediate family have any symptoms you MUST not attend class, you must self isolate at home and get tested.

We will continue with covid protection procedures for the foreseeable future. Temperature checks will still be done for all students, instructors and spectators. Telephone numbers must be provided for track and trace use. Regular use of hand sanitiser (please bring your own for personal use) during the class for when any contact is made between students during kumite or when using training aids. Payment by contactless card.

When we receive further guidance from the KUGB, we will adopt that guidance and inform our students in the class of the new guidance.