June pricing update

We have reviewed our pricing for sessions and we can now offer the following incentives.

Standard session pricing remains at £6 per person, no membership fee.

We have introduced a monthly membership scheme to encourage training with family groups. A £5 per calendar month per person fee is paid on the first session in that month. This entitles the member to a training fee of £5 per session for the rest of the month. So the first session will cost £10, but the rest for the month each session  will cost £5. This is good value if you want to train more than once a week.

If you are training with one of your children, then after each paying the monthly fee, the parent can train for free when they pay for their child or children. So for a parent and one child, you will pay £15 for the first monthly session, then £5 per session for the rest of the month.

We also have the family group training monthly member option for up to four siblings. Each family member pays the £5 monthly membership fee, then each session for up to four siblings is £10 per session. So the first session will cost £30, then for the rest of the month it will be £10 per session.

It should be noted that we cannot offer any refunds on the monthly membership fee should you be unable to train for any reason.

You can decide at anytime in the month to take up the membership offer, but its better to take up at the start of the month.